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About Us

About Us

About Colorado Milling

Colorado Milling's management team consists of a total of 50+ years combined experience in the construction field. We specialize in heavy equipment operations with 12 years of asphalt milling experience. Colorado Milling takes a lot of pride in the way we approach and leave every job. Having our own machines and trucks gives us the ability to attack each job. Whether it be a large job that requires our large milling machine, or a small job that needs our smaller equipment.  We have the ability to mill any size job. Colorado Milling is also know for the best clean up and detailing in the industry!

The Milling Process

A milling machine uses a large, rotating drum that grinds and removes the pavement surface to the required depth. The milled material is moved by conveyor belt from the machine and loaded into trucks. The asphalt pavement remaining on the surface is thoroughly cleaned utilizing high-speed air blowers and/or mechanical sweepers. An asphalt emulsion tack coat is then sprayed over the entire area to improve bonding. A new layer of hot mix asphalt is placed using conventional paving equipment. Generally, asphalt is replaced at the same thickness as was removed. Thickness may be varied to meet special requirements. Compaction is completed with steel wheeled, vibratory rollers.

What is Milling?  

When an asphalt pavement’s deficiencies are primarily surface distresses, milling (also known as cold planing) may offer an effective solution. Asphalt milling is the process of removing part of the surface to a desired depth to place a new layer of hot mix asphalt, leveling and smoothing the surface.

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